Lanka E Works

Welcome to Lanka E Works!

Lanka e-Works is a leading IT company specializing in corporate IT solutions based on Sri Lanka. Lanka e-Works was established in 2007. We provide a range of services aimed at identifying the best IT solutions for you, and ensuring these solutions match exactly your goals and aspirations, whilst also matching your budget. Web, E-Marketing, Security, Mail, Networking solutions and IT Consultation are a few of our services. The Team of Lanka e-Works combine knowledge, experience and talent in cracking corporate security issues and to produce cutting edge visuals in customized built upon a foundation of passion, creativity and vision.

We also believe that our success lies in not just the delivery of solutions, but also the establishment of a long-lasting relationship. A place where you can go knowing that you'll get honest reliable support. This ethos ensures not only our success, but also gives our clients the reassurance that they'll get the best possible return of investment from their IT solutions.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions, services and longstanding partnerships with our clients ensure you have the right combinations of resources to capture new revenue generating opportunities, minimizing cost, and keeping a reliable ICT business focused environment.

Our Vision

Making ICT as a vital element of every business

Our Mission

To be a superlative ICT organization that persistently provides innovative, cost-effective, reliable, and timely solutions in a dynamic business environment by striving to surpass the expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

Our Goals

  • To provide the superior values to our customers
  • To be keen in introducing the most cost-effective, reliable solutions to the customers
  • To be comprised of competent, well-trained and satisfied team
  • To provide the highest quality timely services, based upon benchmarks and delivery schedules
  • Continuous improvement of our employees who are our greatest asset
  • Fulfil our social and environmental responsibility